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Emotion en Lyrics [Gary Numan]
Emotion English Lyrics Album Isolate - The Numa Years

Quote from the song “Emotion” by Gary Numan

Look up
Look down
I've seen it all before
I need emotion


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Emotion lyrics [Gary Numan]

Gary Numan: Emotion Lyrics

Credits, Cast & Crew of Song “Emotion”

  • Produced: Kipper
  • Written: Gary Numan
  • Release Date: September 1991

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Perfect Lyrics of the Song “Emotion” Released in 1991

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Look up
Look down
I've seen it all before
I need emotion

Look left
Look right
I've tried it all before
I need emotion

Say nothing
It's over
I sold my soul

She's tempting
Sex tension
It could be the wrong move

One question
One answer
I don't need

I don't know
The slogan
New fashion kills me
Tear it up
It don't mean a thing so
Tear it up good

Touch me
Picture this
It don't mean a thing so
Touch me
Life is cruel

How did this ever get serious?

One night
One touch
I've used them all before
I need emotion

One lie
Too much
I've heard it all before
I need emotion

I'll show you
Some people
Disgust me
Listen to
I'm in a glass house

'I've been sick'
She whispers

My picture
I only work here

I need emotion