How To Escape The Friend-Zone

How To Escape The Friend-Zone

How To Escape The Friend-Zone

Yes, You can avoid the F-bomb (we meant friend)

We all have been friend zoned at some point or the other in life and there are not a lot of possible outcomes of this situation. It is more like an either and an or situation. Either the friendship goes down the drain and you lose your friend with whom you dreamt having a future or she is also interested and you get your happily ever after. (At least for the time being). But we know how awkward it can be to get friend-zoned by the same person. So, we spoke to Dr Abha Singh, relationship expert, and came up with ways one can get out of that dreaded zone.

1. Drop Hints

Don’t just straightforward go up to her and say that you want to be more than friends, that situation can be a bit awkward in case she says no. Instead, drop hints, make hypothetical situations, such as “If you were my girlfriend, I would …” or  “If I were to ask you out…..” Women are very-very intuitive, she will get a hint about your feelings and the way she reacts after that will tell you if she is interested in a non-platonic relationship with you or not.

2. Spend More Time With Her




Not everybody falls in love at first sight, that only happens in movies. Spending more time with her will let you grow on her and eventually fall in love. Have dinners with her and go for movies, spend as much time as possible. This is the right time for you to drop those hints that we mentioned above. Subtle flirting is the magic word here.

3. Introduce Her To Your Other Friends

Introducing her to your other friends is a good idea, your other girl-friends or the ones who know you well. We say this because there is a possibility that there are some signs that you are not able to read. Taking her out with your friends will let them understand her and make sure that you are reading the signs that she is giving you correctly. They can also advise you on what can be done to steer the situation in the direction you want. If you introduce her to your family, even better.

4. Don’t Be Available All The Time



We know what we mentioned in the second point but if you don't play your cards right, there is a high chance that you would make your position in the friend zone even stronger. So at times, it is a good idea to maintain some distance, give her the chance to miss you and realise your importance in her life. This will avoid you from being taken for granted by her and will push you out of the friend zone instantly.

5. Jealousy Always Helps

If all else fails, we are quite sure this will work. Create competition. Make her aware of the fact that you have other prospective candidates whom you are leaning towards. The thought of losing you will work it’s charm if she really thinks of you as more than a friend. But if not, you will be sure after this about her feelings and your next step.

Our suggestion? Go for it. If she gives you the right hints and you think that it might work, take the leap and ask her out.