5 After-Sex Hygiene Habits You Should Never Skip

5 After-Sex Hygiene Habits You Should Never Skip

5 After-Sex Hygiene Habits You Should Never Skip

You can cuddle after peeing!

Lying in bed and being the big spoon for your partner after sex seems romantic and feels like the right thing to do. Stop - no matter how romantic it may sound, lying in that bed can lead to many uncomfortable problems. As bad as it may sound, leaving that comfortable post-coital bed and getting up to pee is what you should do instead. MH spoke to Dr Sanjeev Kalra, to get you a list of things that should be done right after sex.

1.  Clean Yourself Up

Dr Kalra tells us that it is of utmost importance to wash your genital area with some light antiseptics to avoid breeding of microorganisms, leading to STIs. He adds that after washing, you can apply a moisturiser which has Vitamin E, which is good for the skin. This protects the skin from rashes.

2. Empty Your Bladder




Bacteria can very easily get transferred into your urethra while having sex. Urethra is the tube from where the urine is released. So peeing can flush out all that bacteria that entered in your urethra. Once you’ve emptied your bladder, you can continue enjoying your cuddle time.

3. Drink A Glass Of Water

After all that sweating during sex and then going to pee to flush out that bacteria, it's a good idea to gulp down some water. It will help you stay hydrated and will also help with the flushing out of any traces of bacteria that you missed out on the first go.

4. Wear Loose Clothes

After that hot and sweaty sex that you just had, wearing tight clothes is the worst idea ever. Hot and sweaty are the perfection conditions for bacteria to grow, wearing tight clothes will only enhance that. Wear loose clothes or better yet, sleep naked. Believe us, you will thank us for this advice. Additionally, use a deodorant too.

5. Wash Your Hands

If you get frisky with your hands during the sex that you just had (and hopefully, you did), it is a good idea to wash your hands with soap and water. This simple step should become a constant in your post-sex clean up routine. And if you have been friskierthan even that, you should use a mouthwash. You know what we mean.